Make the most of your trip to Ghana this month.

4 min readJul 31, 2022


Last month we took Accra by storm, exploring the busiest city in Ghana through exciting and highly engaging experiences. This month is going to be no different. Despite how small Accra proves to be, it is undoubtedly a city that offers you a million things to see no matter where you find yourself. If you ever wondered, what could I possibly have fun with in Accra? This article is your answer. Some of our upcoming trips will surprise you!

1.Boxing in Accra.

Right in the heart of Accra, you would find Jamestown, a little town known for one thing; boxing. The best of the best in the boxing scene has been known to be trained here, from Braimah Kamoko, aka the Bukom Banku, to Azumah Nelson. Jamestown is filled with over 20 boxing schools, making it more than an ideal location to host many boxing matches.

Boxing matches are a mix of drama and humor, traits that every Ghanaian is well versed with. With our Boxing in Accra tour, you can enter the ring as a photographer, visitor, or boxer, provided you are up for some lessons and little sparring.

Signing up for this experience via our Henry app is a sure way to learn how fun boxing can be, with help from the best guides and instructors of all time. If you’re a boxing fan, consider this trip your own Mecca.

2.Virtual Painting.

We all have that friend who is still worried about COVID and highly skeptical about going anywhere. If you have that friend (or are that friend), our next experience is for you; virtual painting! What’s better than painting with friends and strangers? Sling it in the comfort of your home!

What would you need? Enough mobile data and the Zoom app, with many prayers that the electricity doesn’t throw a tantrum. With our virtual painting sessions, you are given access to a skilled painting instructor whose job is to take you through the basics of painting. All materials are sent before your session, so you only have to log in, gear up, sip and paint!

3.The Adrenaline H.Q. Experience.

One of Ghana’s most pleasant discoveries is Trident Island, a unique adventure site near the Adomi Bridge, Atimpoku. From Accra, Trident Island is approximately a two-hour journey using the Akosombo road.

On Trident Island, expect to find every adventurous activity possible, curated especially for the brave at heart and those looking to break out of their comfort zone. From abseiling the Adomi Bridge to riverine kayaking, paintballing, and overnight camping, there’s always something exciting to do on this magnificent island.

On this day trip to heaven on earth, toll be well feted with enough professional photos to fill up your Instagram for the next half of the year!

4.Xperience Cape Coast with Kofi

Going farther away from Accra, we give you a day trip to Cap Coast. Our early set off from the great capital gives you great city scenes as it slowly melts away to give you a clear ocean view. Take a deep breath and enjoy the coastal scenery outside the hustle and bustle of Accra.

On the exciting trip with Kofi, your trusted tour guide, you visit the globally acclaimed ‘Door of No Return,’ slave dungeons and master’s quarters within the U.N. Heritage Site of the Cape Coast Castle. Another of Kofi’s aims is to deliver the best oceanside lunch and snacks, featuring some fresh Ghana food for your savory pleasure.

There’s always so much to see, taste, and discover in Accra and beyond; you only need the right plug to show you how. Get the best on the Henry app every day, week, and month, at no cost. With so much to do, I have just one question; which adventure comes first for you?

Written by: Akua Tsetsewa Yawson




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