HENY: Shaping the future of dining in Africa

Food ordering and dining services in Africa is a not a new business idea; However it has evolved with technology coming into the forefront. Diners aren’t satisfied with the current experience since nearly 50% of people abandon food delivery apps because the experience isn’t what was sold to them.

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The takeout and delivery market is $130bn which shows that Africa stands to benefit a lot from services like these. In addition restaurants want their customers to experience seamless food ordering from discovering his restaurant to delivery. The implications on the economy if restaurants lose revenue is unimaginable these include job loses, pay cuts and loss in govt earnings.

Many startups in Africa follow online and delivery businesses model but only a few adhere to creating impact rather just serving a need.

This is why we are introducing HENY, a one-fit-all solution/app with the sole vision of providing infinite dining experiences in Africa. Our mission is to ensure that every meal is an experience by creating a product that is going to change the way Africans dine. Forever!

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HENY is partnering with a community of Foodies, Experts, Restaurant owners, Delivery businesses, Connoisseurs, Visionaries and many more to create experiences in ordering food, dining out and nightlife. Interested persons can signup here

Checkout our MVP www.heny.app

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