Around Accra with a spoon and a fork:

Once you find yourself in Accra, there’s one thing you have to do; try out as many food joints as you can. Every second more than five new food joints spring up in this city that never sleeps, which means you’re spoilt for choice the second your feet touch the ground.

With over 200 eating spots in Accra, you can never go hungry unless you choose to. We explore some great food-filled experiences within central Accra and the Osu area, serving everything from local foods to upmarket Jollof and waakye. Find your food, find your tribe and make amazing memories.

1.Jollof Rice Cooking Class.

The meal has the potential to put nations at war. It’s tasty and unforgettable even when cooked just right. Ghana Jollof beats all others…never mind, I’ll be guided. Have you ever wanted to taste and learn how to make this world stop delicacy? Your Jollof cooking journey starts right here.

Learn the traditional method of cooking jollof rice in a spacious kitchen equipped with every utensil you could need. This culinary class is unique in that you not only learn about Jollof but all about Ghanaian culture and how to bargain at the local market. Call it a very extensive life skill session.

2.The Taste Bud Tour.

Sometimes you don’t want just Jollof. Sometimes, you want to explore different cuisines from all across the globe without breaking the bank. If you are this kind of foodie, you should consider the Taste Bud Tour as the next adventure on your list.

You don’t need a passport, visa, or flight ticket, just an empty stomach and curious taste buds willing to travel far and wide.

This unique food tour exposes you to Ghanaians, French, Adian, Mexican and Italian meals. You’ll find yourself in some of the eBay restaurants and eateries within Accra, satisfying all your cravings by taking your taste buds on journeys they’ve never been to.

3.Experience Osu Night Market

The Las Vegas of Ghana is calling, and you must answer! Hail OSU! The town that never sleeps. Osu is home to one of the oldest markets in Accra and many old and new school adventures. If you’re looking for a place where nightlife and food meet, you should visit Osu.

Experience the Osu Night Market, where you play an active part in their nightlife by tasting the best street food, drinking local gin and iced cold beer at the local street pubs, and strolling in and around the Ga community. It’s not for the faint of heart but the foodie in you.

4.Accra Market Tour with Enyo Bruku

Join our expert market guide, Enyo Bruku, and her team as they take you through the vibrant Accra market, also known to many as the Makola market. In addition to items such as vibrant African fabrics and local equipment.

One thing Enyo ensures is that each participant has the opportunity to see and taste a lot of tasty Ghanaian and West African dishes. If you’re ready to learn about bargaining the Ghanaian way, cooking local dishes, or exploring our palate, this market tour is one you don’t have to miss.

Have you ever experienced food tasting in Accra? Please share with us your experiences! Who knows, you might get a surprise on your next trip!



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